What do INGOs need to know about global risks?

4 November 2015

Clements Worldwide has initiated a new index to measure the changes in perceived risk versus actual losses for International NGOs.

This index will explain and highlight risks to senior leadership and trustees. The aim is to make sure that organisations working internationally have better plans in place to cope with emergencies.

The first results from the summer 2015 index showed that the top six global risks are:

  1. Political and labor unrest – 29%
  2. Kidnap and ransom – 25%
  3. Worker’s compensation – 17%
  4. Property damage and loss – 13%
  5. Terrorism – 10%
  6. Disease – 6%

The respondants were from corporations, international schools, and humanitarian organisations operating globally and often in high-risk areas.

The survey also found that 21% of respondents admitted being "not prepared at all" for terrorist attacks, while only 11% considered themselves "very prepared". Only 17% said that they were "very prepared" for the ramifications of a disease outbreak, while 10% said they were "not prepared" at all for that threat. And 21% said they were "not prepared at all" for a cyber attack.

Autumn 2015 Index

Clements Worldwide is looking for survey participants for the autumn 2015 index. Organisations can compare their greatest areas of concern with peers. The short survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

All participants will have access to a full white paper with results and expert insights. 

Take the survey 

If you have any questions about the Clements Worldwide Risk Index please contact Patricia Loria at [email protected].