Staff care is crucial for humanitarian and development organisations.

Photo: International Location Safety

New partnership between InterHealth and ILS

14 September 2015

International Location Safety (ILS) have entered into a partnership with InterHealth to bring together the fields of safety and security with physical and psychological wellbeing, and provide humanitarian and development organisations with a holistic solution to the challenges of managing staff care.

Working in the humanitarian and development sectors can often mean working and living in highly stressful, challenging and insecure environments. The partnership is designed to help organisations better support their staff to effectively carry out their work.

The founders of ILS said: "Human behaviour and reactions play such a key role in security that by bringing together the expertise of these two organisations we feel we are bringing a new and exciting approach, which we hope will contribute towards engendering a culture of staff care within the sector."

Through their partnership, the two organisations will be delivering joint training courses, and developing and distributing resources, thought leadership on staff care and consultancy.  

Both Internhealth and ILS will be exhibiting at the next Bond Annual Conference and Exhibition. For more information, please email Interhealth or ILS.