How to transform your media presence: 6 tips for NGOs in 2015

19 January 2015

To be transparent as an NGO, it is important to examine how we communicate with our supporters, because this is fundamental to building trust. However, this is sometimes difficult to do without understanding the media landscape.

In this context, the Bond Transparency Working Group facilitated an event in December 2014 to explore the way in which NGOs communicate with their supporters, how they engage with the media, and how the media portrays the development sector.

The event had guest speakers Caroline Diehl, Chief Executive of the Media Trust, and Mark Galloway, Director of the International Broadcasting Trust. Mark talked about the media’s perception of development, including IBT’s recent report on what journalists really think about aid. Meanwhile Caroline focused on the trust we have in charities, the media’s role in this, and how we can work with the media more effectively. 

Mayur Paul, Head of Communications at Bond, also shared the results from Bond's recent research into coverage of charities within the media and how the development community can work together to build a more active and engaged public.

Devex covered the event and has helpfully summarised six recommendations on how aid groups can help improve their own coverage.

To join in with this debate and to find out more, make sure you join the Bond Transparency Working Group on My Bond to keep up-to-date with the latest transparency issues in the sector. 

Devex article: How to transform your media presence: 6 tips for NGOs in 2015

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