Transforming development through blockchain

Get a clear understanding of what blockchain is and its potential to transform development programming and humanitarian response.

Blockchain is an emerging technology in international development. Trials are taking place in areas like identity verification in emergency situations, cash transfers, land registration/land rights and supply chain management. It has the potential to increase the efficiency and security of exchanging digital information, facilitate smart contracts and improve transparency.

Hear case studies from development organisations using the technology and find out how it could benefit your organisation. 

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Who is it for?

For those who have heard about blockchain but are unsure what it is and how it's being used by development and humanitarian organisations. It's especially relevant for chief operating officers, chief finance officers, and those working in programmes, finance, funding, grant management and transparency and accountability, and funders who financially support NGOs and others working in the sector.


The event will run from 14:00-17:00.

  • Introduction to blockchain
    Adam Pickering from CAF will set the scene for the day and explain blockchain in a way that's easy to understand. Tom Wilkinson will speak about where DFID is up to with their implementation of blockchain and its potential in international development.
  • Implementing blockchain - practical case studies
    1)    Annemarie Poorterman from START Network will talk about their pilot that uses blockchain for humanitarian financing
    2)    Grace Ma will speak about three large humanitarian and development projects AID:Tech is working on
    3)    Areti Kampyli from Alice will focus on how blockchain is being used in fundraising and how it could be used in payment by results programmes
  • Ethics
    Catherine Thompson will discuss ethical dimensions of blockchain for supply chains, and why Fairtrade Foundation has decided not to use it at present.

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What is blockchain?

Read our recent blog 4 ways blockchain is being used in international development. Check out the video below from Charities Aid Foundation for a short introduction to blockchain and the charity sector, and for a more in-depth discussion watch this video from the Together We're Better Conference 2016


Sarah Johns

Sarah Johns is transparency manager at Bond, covering the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), open data and transparency.

Adam Pickering
Charities Aid Foundation

Adam Pickering is international policy manager for Charities Aid Foundation. Adam is responsible for developing global policy positions and writes and speaks widely on global trends in philanthropy and the legal environment for charities and donors.

Tom Wilkinson

Tom Wilkinson is the head of MI and analytics at the Department For International Development, and was formerly a senior data scientist at the Home Office. He has acted as an independent technical consultant on Blockchain around government.

Start Network

Annemarie Poorterman is Start Network's start fund project manager.

Grace Ma

Grace Ma is AID:Tech’s London rep. She has joined AID:Tech with several years of experience in working with alternative finance, including in the Blockchain and crowdfunding industry.

Catherine Thompson
Fairtrade Foundation

Catherine Thompson is an innovation manager at the Fairtrade Foundation. She is leading on a global project for the Fairtrade system looking at the value of supply chain information, transparency and traceability.

Areti Kampyli

Areti Kampyli is the COO at Alice. She launched her first tech startup in 2009.


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