Promoting a culture of respect: Sexual harassment prevention

Provides participants with the skills and resources to promote a culture of respect in their organisation and develop customised sexual harassment prevention training programmes. Delivered in-house for your organisation.

This course provides participants with the skills and resources to promote a culture of respect within their organisation and develop and deliver customised sexual harassment prevention training programmes. 

Take this course together with Good safeguarding practice for a thorough grounding in safeguarding and sexual harassment prevention for NGOs. 

What you will learn

At the end of this programme participants will be able to use and implement a framework and model to “promote a culture of respect” that prevents sexual harassment; including:

  • promoting a work environment that encourages respect
  • understanding sexual harassment and their obligations to prevent it 
  • understanding intercultural sensitivity 
  • responding appropriately to sexual harassment concerns
  • identifying risk factors for work units and develop strategies to mitigate them

Participants will also be able to deliver a customised participatory training session in their own organisation that builds the skills and knowledge of individual contributors and managers in promoting a culture of respect that prevents sexual harassment. 

Specifically, participants will learn to develop and deliver the “Promoting a culture of respect” training to individual contributors / all staff and managers, which covers the following objectives:  

  • Customise the training to their organisation and location 
  • Practice presenting key concepts of the training
  • Incorporate learning reinforcement / provide follow-up learning support for the programme 


The training programme is highly participatory with interactive discussions, group exercises and opportunities for peer learning.

Course materials and case studies are customised to the development sector context allowing for easy adoption.


Alamelu Dev

Alamelu Dev is co-founder and principal consultant of RISE, a global human resources and talent development consulting firm serving the international development sector.

Grace Roache

Grace has over 20 years experience in talent management and organisational development across the not-for-profit, public, and private sectors.