Powerful storytelling and ethical content gathering

Learn how to source, create and share compelling stories from your programmes ethically and respectfully.

Course dates

You’ll delve into the practicalities and processes of gathering and creating content from the UK and overseas, from finding contributors and gaining consent to managing photography and filming.  You’ll also understand the ethical frameworks for content gathering, including gaining truly-informed consent and being GDPR-compliant.  

This essential training will equip you to better engage your audiences with the authentic voices of your programme participants, while operating within the highest ethical standards.  

Course structure

Two half-days of live interactive online sessions, plus groupwork between the sessions.

Who is it for?

Anyone who gathers, produces or disseminates stories from NGO programmes, including communications, fundraising and campaigning professionals. This course suits staff at all levels who are planning content gathering trips to the field, or those who have experience carrying out these activities already. 

What you will learn 

By the end of the course, you will be able to: 

  • Describe the elements that make up a strong story from a programme participant and how to translate them into your practice. 
  • Plan, prepare, deliver and produce a content gathering exercise in the UK or overseas.  
  • Produce and complete a production timing plan, shoot plan, shoot brief, and risk assessment. 
  • Identify the key individuals for gathering content in the field and for post-production, and follow best practice for contracting and managing their involvement. 
  • Explain the key ethical requirements for responsible content production and use. 
  • Review your organisation’s ethical image gathering and use a framework to identify gaps and steps to address these. 
  • Develop a consent form process that you can put into place in your organisation, including understanding when you do and don’t need consent.  


This course will be delivered entirely online, through facilitated live sessions (using Zoom) as well as individual and group activities on the Bond learning platform. We work hard to make sure you get the same level of interaction and facilitator support as you would in our training room. You’ll work in breakout rooms, use case studies and co-create documents – all online.


All course times in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Check the live session start and end time in your timezone here (please ensure you choose the right date when checking timezones).

Live session 1: Thursday 4 March, 9.30am - 13.30pm GMT (4 hour session)

What makes successful issue driven content? 

An inspiring tour through examples of compelling communications from across the sector and beyond, followed by exploring what makes these stories successful and interpreting how you might use these elements in your own practice. 

Practical steps in gathering content

  • Identifying the actions needed to plan, prepare and undertake a content gathering exercise. 
  • Develop a plan to implement these actions in your own organisation, including how to deliver a production timing plan, a shoot plan, a shoot brief and a risk assessment.  
  • How to find, contract and manage photographers, videographers, editors, and other content gathering staff.  

Groupwork case study on ethical practice: Monday 8 - Wednesday 10 March

[Optional] office hour live session: Tuesday 9th March, 10.00am - 11.00am GMT

Live session 2: Thursday 11 March, 9.30am - 13.00pm (3.5 hour session)

Best practice around the ethics of content gathering and use, including consent  

  • Understanding ethical concerns inherent in any content gathering and use exercise in the humanitarian and international development sector, and identifying gaps in your organisation’s practice. 
  • How to create and use a consent process, including any necessary forms or actions. 

Booking deadline

Bookings will close at 15:00 GMT on the last working day day before the course to enable us to email participants the joining instructions ahead of the first live session.

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Event dates

Thursday, March 4, 2021 to Thursday, March 11, 2021

Registration closed


Jess is a senior lecturer at University of the Arts London and content consultant