Fundraising from foundations

Building relationships is crucial to successful fundraising from trusts and foundations and this course shows you how.

If you want to broaden your donor base and increase your success rate in raising money from charitable donors, you need to know how they work and think.

This participatory course enables you to understand and empathise with your targets, both as organisations and individuals, and develop powerful techniques for successful, high value fundraising.

Course structure

We are currently redesigning this programme for online delivery, which will include live interactive online sessions, plus individual and group activities. Full details including session dates and times will be available shortly.

Who is it for?

Both those newly responsible for fundraising, and those with some experience who want to target trusts and foundations.

What you will learn

  • How charitable trusts are formed, how they work and their motives for giving
  • Where trusts get their money from and how they spend it
  • Why building relationships is crucial to your success
  • Who to approach, how to find them and when to make contact
  • Skills for writing persuasive applications, using reason and emotion
  • How to plan your appeals 


This course will be delivered entirely online, through facilitated live sessions (using Zoom) as well as individual and group activities on the Bond learning platform. We work hard to make sure you get the same level of interaction and facilitator support as you would in our training room. You’ll work in breakout rooms, use case studies and co-create documents – all online.


  • How charitable trusts are formed, how they work and their motives for giving 
  • How trusts and foundations make funding decisions 
  • The four key stages in building relationships 
  • Researching charitable trusts 
  • Making first contact with donors - telephone, email and networking 
  • Working in collaboration and managing a face-to-face meeting
  • The essential elements of a funding proposal
  • Constructing an informal appeal
  • The balance between rational and emotional arguments
  • Managing the long term relationship

Course prices

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Band 3

Bond members <£2M annual spend

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Bond Associate Bill Bruty

Bill has been a professional fundraiser since 1984. He has tutored in fundraising and management for the Directory of Social Change and the Open University Business School, and has delivered training in fundraising to over 200 clients.