Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction
The post is not remunerated, i.e. it is voluntary and unpaid position.
Closing date: 8 March 2020
Job Type: Unpaid trustee
Location: London-Teddington
Advertisement for the position of Trustees in GNDR

GNDR is looking for a trustee with finance experience to join the governance of our exciting network.

The Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR) is a major voluntary network of civil society organisations, associations and individuals who are committed to working together and engaging with partners and other stakeholders to increase community resilience and reduce disaster risks by influencing policies and practices around the world. It was officially launched in Geneva during the Global Platform for Disaster Reduction in June 2007. Currently, there are around 1000 CSOs who are members of this network from across 109 countries.

The day to day management of the GNDR is carried out by a secretariat, led by the Executive Director, currently based in Teddington, South West London. It is a registered charity and company under UK law and has five Trustees. The Board of Trustees has the ultimate responsibility of governing GNDR. A part of Trustees' responsibilities has been delegated to a Global Board comprising of 13 Regional Representatives and 2 independent Board members. Trustees are also part of the Global Board. However, the fundraising, finance compliance and risk management of the network has been retained as the primary role of the trustees. Which is in addition to overseeing the general governance compliance of the network.

Meetings with GNDR’s Global Board of Regional Representatives occur on a quarterly basis which includes one face-to-face meeting.

Trustees as the ultimate authority meet twice a year in Teddington, the headquarters of GNDR.

We are looking for an additional Trustee with finance experience to join the governance of this exciting network.


The Board of Trustees has ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of GNDR, ensuring it is solvent, complying to UK charity law and delivering its objectives, as detailed in GNDR’s Articles of Association.


  • To ensure compliance with the objectives, purposes, and values of GNDR.
  • To approve and ensure the implementation of the agreed strategic plan.
  • To ensure the solvency, financial strength and good performance of the organization.
  • To advise the Board of Trustees on how to carry out its financial responsibilities
  • To oversee management of GNDR financial affairs, including ensuring preparation of annual accounts, reviewing management accounts.
  • To review and oversee the GNDR audit framework, external audit systems and ensure that audit checks are carried out in all key areas of the organization, including but not limited to, financial audit.
  • To receive GNDR Financial Statements and discuss any issues arising from the External Auditor’s accompanying report.
  • To ensure that the organization complies with relevant laws, regulations, and requirements of the Charity Commission and other relevant regulators.
  • To agree to a framework of delegation and internal control.
  • To agree or ratify all policies and decisions on matters which might create a significant risk to the organization, financial or otherwise. To monitor changes in risk profile for the network Provide peer support for GNDR accountant
Region: London and the southeast
Location: London-Teddington
Sector: Finance

Application notes

Please send your CV and a covering letter outlining how you qualify for the position to [email protected].

There is no specific deadline: we will review applications on a rolling basis until the position is filled.

Please mention Bond when you apply for this position.