Shortlisting service

If you need support sifting through the applications and only want to get candidates that match your requirements, speak to The Right Ethos about their Shortlist Boost service.

  • You will be provided with 5-8 CVs and statements of selected strong candidates
  • Benefit from the support of The Right Ethos’ recruitment experts
  • It can work alongside your advert with Bond, to help you appoint first time
  • 25% of the fee* goes to Bond, to support the international development network

Email us to find out more.

None of the applicants from other sources were suitable so we’re very happy we went with The Right Ethos and would definitely use them in future.

(Christina Rolles, Head of Communications, The Lullaby Trust)

How it works

  • Email us and we will put you in touch with recruitment experts at The Right Ethos
  • The Right Ethos contact you to discuss your requirements
  • Their expert consultants undertake a full search of the market and select and present the best 5-8 candidates for your role, sending you their CVs and supporting statements
  • The fee of 7.5% of the starting salary is paid on delivery of the candidate shortlist, rather than on successful placement of a candidate. 25% of the fee is given back to Bond 
  • Your staff complete the administrative part of the process – setting up the interview and the feedback to candidates

Why choose The Right Ethos?

The Right Ethos has been recruiting for the charity sector since 2007. The company is committed to strengthening the international development sector and has proven experience providing successful recruitment shortlists, working with UNICEF UK, NCVO, Young Epilepsy and RSPCA amongst many others.

*The Right Ethos is supporting Bond, and through them the wider international development sector, by distributing to them 25% of the 7.5% fees received from Shortlist Boost.