International Travel Safety Consultant

SCI Foundation
Salary range: £40,000-£50,000
Daily Consultant rate of £300-£500
Closing date: 6 August 2021
Job Type: Paid
Request for Proposal -International Travel Safety Consultancy

Objectives and Scope of work

The purpose of this consultancy is to support SCI Foundation in providing a safe environment for internal staff and associated personnel when travelling internationally on SCIF business. The output of the consultancy is to develop a set of policies and procedures that take forward the recommendations of the Duty of Care benchmarking project that is fit for purpose and in line with SCI Foundation’s strategy and values. The objectives are to:

  • Perform a review of current policies, processes and procedures and identify gaps and where improvements are required to align with best practices in the sector
  • Produce a recommendation report and prioritised action plan in consultation with the International Travel Safety task team (ITS) for approval by the Senior Management Team (SMT).
  • Through consultation with the ITS task team and other key staff, produce a set of agreed policies and procedures (including those listed below) and others as listed in the action plan.
  • Provide training to the organisation on the international travel safety portfolio of work.
Region: London and the southeast
Sector: Consulting

Please mention Bond when you apply for this position.