Insight and Communications Specialist (consultant)

Closing date: 25 November 2019
Job Type: Paid
The Campaign seeks a consultant, freelancer or agency capable of disseminating this insight research (both primary and secondary) to those within and outside of the sector sharing the Campaign's aims and objectives.

Wanted: Insight and Communications Specialist
Level of effort: up to 47 days
Required availability: November, December 2019 & January 2020 

The Campaign to defend aid and development is a collaboration between 25 leading international development NGOs, hosted by Bond, the UK network for organisations working in international development. The Campaign aims to defend the UK’s commitment to Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) of 0.7% of GNI, retain the Department for International Development as an independent Whitehall department and to shift the debate to one focused on improving aid quality, rather than questioning aid quantity. The Campaign has two ten-year ambitions to improve public support for aid and to shift perceptions in order to engage more of the public with international development causes. To pursue this, the Campaign has commissioned in-depth public perception research (both quantitative and qualitative) and developed insights relating to specific public audience segments.  

The Campaign now seeks a consultant, freelancer or agency capable of disseminating this insight research (both primary and secondary) to professionals working for Campaign member NGOs, staff working in NGOs in the wider international development sector (the wider membership of Bond) and those beyond the sector that share the Campaign’s aims and objectives.  

The consultant, freelancer or agency will have to create a communications plan to disseminate the insight to different audiences across in the international development sector to help them operationalise the insight. This will require understanding previous efforts to embed new insights within organisations and building on relevant learnings, as well as a deep understanding of the different (and sometimes competing) incentives which operate inside organisations reliant on individual giving. The specialist will need to have the expertise to promote better use of the insight and to help organisations respond to the implications.  

This specialist will also be responsible for advising the Public Supporters group and other groups were relevant on how to engage the key audiences. They will also support the work of the ‘Public Sceptics’ Working Group of the Campaign.  

This specialist will report to the Campaign Director (Richard Darlington). Key stakeholders with whom regular communication will be required are: 

  • The Director of Membership and Communications at Bond (Mike Wright) 
  • The Co-Chairs of the Public Sceptic Working Group (Amy Agnew & Jean McLean)
  • Relevant agencies (especially The Answer & Creatures of Habit) 
  • Other Working Groups within the Campaign (Fundraising Directors, Public Supporters Group and Westminster & Whitehall Group)

Key responsibilities, envisaged deliverables and anticipated maximum level of effort: 

  1. Lead on the production of a sector wide communications plan to disseminate the insight – 2 days
  2. Lead on collation of relevant insights and presentation in accessible formats (using presentation decks, handbooks & toolkits) – estimated 10 days
  3. Dissemination to Campaign members (using direct mail, presence at face-to-face group meetings, fundraising directors and inhouse coalition member meetings, and senior one-to-one meeting engagements) – estimated 20 days 
  4. Dissemination to the wider Bond – working closely with the relevant Bond staff (using Bond’s website to host blogs, Bond’s email distribution, relevant Bond events and conferences, a bespoke event co-designed with Bond, a ‘BondCast’ podcast episode and potential presence at relevant Bond Working Groups) – estimated 10 days  
  5. Advise the Public Supporters Working Group to commission content creation and public engagement within specific geographies in England where public audiences will include those both sceptical and supportive of aid – estimated 5 days

Please specify your own proposed project timeline, based on your availability and your assessment of likely timeframe to complete deliverables, in your proposal.  

Application notes

Contact: Richard Darlington, Campaign Director, [email protected]     

Deadline:  9am Monday 25 November 2019

Please mention Bond when you apply for this position.