Fundraising Strategy Consultant

Youth Business International
Closing date: 25 September 2017
Job Type: Paid
Location: Victoria, London, United Kingdom
Youth Business International is seeking a Fundraising Strategy Consultant to lead on developing an ambitious yet achievable fundraising strategy which will ensure our long term financial sustainability and growth to underpin our future direction.

The consultant will also work with a broad group of professionals within YBI in particular the program delivery team to create and develop packages for donors as well as with the communications strategy to translate key fundraising messages. 

Youth Business International – Who we are

Youth Business International (YBI) believes that every young person should have access to the quality support they need to start, grow and sustain a business. Young people are a critical resource for society. They account for over 18% of the world’s population and more than 15% of the world’s labour force. Yet, 71 million young people are unemployed. Many more are working but not earning enough to lift themselves out of poverty.

Empowering young people to succeed in self-employment is a key part of the solution. Young entrepreneurs can create new jobs and shape local economies. YBI is the global network connecting members, partners and young people to develop and scale new solutions that leverage the power of entrepreneurship to drive social and economic change.

YBI believes the skills required to start and grow a successful business are closely related to those needed to compete in the 21st century job market. Entrepreneurial young people are more likely to be able to embrace new challenges, stay relevant and keep pace.

Background to the Role

Having recently implemented a 2017-2025 strategy, YBI is now moving towards its new business model, ‘Network First’ alongside a revised value proposition (Our Draft Network First strategy, operating model and Value Proposition (Confidential) are available on request using the details below); a less centralised model allowing for more testing and learning within members and regions, facilitating sharing to wider groups, reducing replication, improving cost efficiencies and speed of adoption. The ultimate aim of this new model is to enable scale of adoption and to reach young entrepreneurs quicker. 

The Fundraising Team fosters and builds exceptional partnerships with local, regional and global donors for the resourcing and sustainability of the YBI Network Team and YBI Members, enabling us to support thousands of young entrepreneurs in line with our ambitious strategy for growth.  We regard public and private sectors as equally important in delivering our work, and seek to align and leverage supporters across all sectors, including through innovative multi-partner collaborations. Since 2013, YBI has secured significant investment across multiple countries with important partners across public and private sectors (e.g. DFID, IADB, Accenture, Barclays, BG Group, Citi). We have enjoyed repeat six figure major gifts in recent years, but this area of our fundraising has not matched our public sector and major corporate successes.

As we move towards the new Network First business model and the next stage in YBI’s growth, we need to develop and implement a clear strategy for fundraising that will increase and diversify our income significantly, and manage the balance between fundraising for the network and fundraising for specific members and regions. We need a much more active and sophisticated approach to diversifying our supporter base, including an experienced and systematic approach to increasing our unrestricted funding base. This ambitious agenda requires growth as well work closely with the program delivery and communications teams to significant strategic planning. 

Scope of work, specification and output

The consultant will complete the following deliverables:

  • Define and develop an ambitious yet achievable fundraising strategy to bring about to ensure long-term financial stability and growth and to bring transformational performance in the Fundraising Team
  • Work with the program delivery team to create and develop packages for donors as well as with the communications strategy to translate key fundraising messages. Support cross-team working to design, write and budget for each.
  • Oversee the development of a balanced, sustainable and diverse range of income sources (i.e. the right income ‘mix’) working with other functions in the network team to understand preferred, optimal partnership design and profile of funders.
  • Test new concepts and initiatives relating to the Network First business model value proposition with a variety of donors.
  • Develop targets for fundraising for the YBI Network working with both YBI Members as well as YBI Network Team colleagues.
  • Test the donor engagement and stewardship plans in light of the new Network First business model making sure that they are delivered effectively and efficiently


  • Tender distributed: 11th September 2017
  • Tender close date: 08:30am, 25th September 2017
  • Evaluation and selection of preferred supplier: w/c 2nd October 2017
  • Start date: October 2017 
  • Completion date: No later than February 2018

Please note that timescales are estimated and may be subject to change.

Further Details

For further details including a full scope of work and how to apply, please refer to the attached tender document.

Region: London and the southeast
Location: Victoria, London, United Kingdom
Sector: Consulting Fundraising

Please mention Bond when you apply for this position.