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Closing date: 30 September 2017
Job Type: Paid
Mobile Education Partnerships requires a fundraiser to support challenging work in displaced and marginalised communities in Burma. This is a unique opportunity to be involved in a range of groundbreaking projects in a country opening to democracy.

Mobile Education Partnerships is an award winning , specialist educational charity working in communities affected by war, poverty and neglect. It was built from scratch by practising teachers and is dedicated to providing high quality professional support at ‘grassroots’ level. Central to its approach is the creation of teacher partnerships which bring together the best of East and West.

Much of Myanmar ( Burma) has been affected by armed insurgency which in some areas is on-going. This has resulted in the creation of refugee and IDP populations in many parts of the country and along the Thai/Myanmar border. In addition, thousands of migrants fled to Thailand to escape poverty taking jobs in the paddy fields and factories and setting up small schools wherever they could. Education in other parts of the country was neglected for many years under the former military government and schools are now looking for assistance.

Working closely with Cambridge University EL section (UK and Asia) MEP deploys mobile units of teacher trainers to develop a sustainable teacher training programme based on professional partnerships.

Often subcontracted by larger NGOs such as Save the Children the charity works in the Karen refugee camps and migrant communities of the Thai/Myanmar border , Kachin State in Northern Burma and in the monastic schools of Mon State in the south of the country.

Our ‘Cambridge Plus’ programme which combines Cambridge certificates and teacher training has proved to be very popular and we are now receiving many requests to expand into other areas of Myanmar. To do so we urgently need the support of a fund raiser.

This organisation is based on partnership. We would like the fund raiser to feel very much part of the organisation and to be involved with us for the longer term. With that in mind we would encourage and support a visit by a fundraiser to our projects on the Thai border and in Myanmar to meet our teams and begin to understand the nature of the situation and the challenges we face.

In 2011, out of 300 nominations , MEP won the Charity of the Year award for

In 2013 our founder was long listed for the Guardian International Development Achievement Award

The post would probably be suitable for someone who would like to build work with MEP into a larger portfolio.

For further details about the charity please go to our website .

If you would like to discuss the possibility of working with us and let us know your terms then please contact Bob Anderson, Programme Director (UK) . Contact details below:

Mobile: 0780 1585 442


Skype: bob.anderson791


Sector: Fundraising

Please mention Bond when you apply for this position.