Finance & Operations Manager - Maternity Cover

On Our Radar
£28,000 - £32,000
Closing date: 16 April 2020
Job Type: Paid
Location: London, UK
We are passionate, diverse and fun. We are looking for a flexible, proactive and conscientious individual to maintain our organisation's critical processes. You will be diligent, dedicated and comfortable working with a diverse range of people.

Purpose of Role

Oversee all aspects of daily operations and finances of OOR, ensuring that the business is running effectively and efficiently and that the strategic and business objectives as well as the values of OOR are put into practice. In conjunction with other members of staff, you will support business growth through directing and managing business operations activities to ensure they are delivered in accordance with the strategic objectives.

The Finance & Operations Manager will be responsible for managing the accounting, budgeting, payroll (including pensions), HR, and operational functions in collaboration with the Managing Director. This role will vary in content and quantity of hours week by week and the individual will need to be comfortable managing their time to ensure that ad hoc requests as well as normal operating and financial procedures can be completed. You will be a central resource for the whole team and therefore will engage in the full breadth of Radar’s important mission and exciting work. 

Overview of Role

This role is integral to the smooth running of the organisation. The individual will be a critical link between the other team members, and report directly to the Managing Director. Key responsibilities will include:

  • Maintain and where appropriate, improve the operational systems, processes and policies in support of OOR’s mission and in line with current sector standards. 
  • Specifically support on capacity planning and ensure the plan is executed, negotiate contracts on behalf of OOR, and support the MD on HR (effective succession planning, people management, development, recruitment, and retention) and risk management activities.
  • Hold the overall financial controls for the organisation, working closely with the Managing Director to ensure the financial health of the business is clear, transparent, and accurate and is thus able to support key financial decisions as they are taken. 
  • Lead on creating all new project budgets, working closely with the Founding Director who is responsible for our new business pipeline, to ensure the budgets are sensible and support the sustainability of On Our Radar Ltd.
  • Work alongside the Managing Director and the Founder to  play an active role in developing the financial and resourcing strategies for the next business year.

Financial Management

  • Reconcile the monthly organisational cash flow/budget and continue to build the cash flow slowing movements for the next 18 months.
  • Develop, manage and monitor the project and core bank accounts, keeping a careful eye on trends, under or overspend and flagging any potential cash flow issues to the Managing Director.
  • Complete monthly payment run and payroll processes for the business. Ensure team members’ expenses have been filed, chase contractors for payments and calculate the monthly amount to be drawn from project accounts in order to pay salaries and overheads and contribute to reserves when possible.
  • Meet with the Chairman of our Advisory Board on a monthly basis to review our current financial position and answer any questions he may have about the health of the business.
  • Carefully and diligently audit monthly expenses and invoices from contractors for accuracy prior to paying for expenses and services.
  • Develop comprehensive, sensible and profitable project budgets in coordination with the project team. 
  • Support on new business concept notes and pitches/proposals as needed.
  • Support project team in creating smaller budgets for individual project activities (eg. filming training in Sierra Leone for a specific project).
  • Support on financial requests from partners (eg. questions from funder re our annual accounts).
  • Support on ad hoc financial requests from the Managing Director (eg. How much would it cost the business to pay this person for an extra day for an entire year? What are our annual core costs? What are our annual overheads? Are we eligible for an R&D tax rebate? etc.)
  • Process money transfers via World Remit and Western Union when necessary. 
  • Set up new bank accounts as and when needed - own the relationship with Barclays.
  • Manage day to day processing of accounts using our software FreeAgent.
  • Prepare bi-monthly project expenditure reports (showing budget vs. actual on all on-going projects) and create new expenditure reports when new projects kick off.
  • Prepare annual accounts alongside our accountants.
  • Prepare VAT & CT returns alongside our accountants. 
  • Chase payments from partners as needed.


  • Negotiate all of our contracts/services agreements/grant agreements with partners, funders, contractors, etc. This is usually a multi-step negotiation process which is critical to the success and the protection of our business. Key areas include rates, milestones, safeguarding responsibilities, data protection requirements, adherence to our Code of Conduct, management of expenses and per diems, performance management plans and intellectual property terms.
  • Hold relationship with pension provider. Ensure all staff are captured in the pension plan in accordance with their expectations. Set up new staff as and when required. Process monthly pension payments.
  • Set-up and maintain our annual holiday tracking document. Follow up with individuals to ensure they are on track with their plans. 
  • Support the Managing Director on all aspects of the HR function including recruitment, induction, personal development (if appropriate), performance monitoring and team building.
  • Own and conduct a review all organisational policies annually to ensure they are fit for purpose and up to date with latest sector knowledge and thinking.
  • Create new policies as and when needed (eg. reserves, policy, corporate due diligence policy, social media policy, use of contingency in project budgets policy, etc.)
  • Oversee critical information register alongside the Head of Technology to ensure it is up to date and fit for purpose in the case of an emergency.
  • Lead on maintaining the organisational risk register, reviewing with the relevant team members and/or Board members each quarter in advance of the quarterly Board meetings. 
  • Carry out the administrative function for the Board which includes minute taking, timely circulation of notes, following up on open actions etc.
  • Act as the organisation’s Safeguarding Lead alongside the Managing Director.
  • Oversee progress on the organisation’s safeguarding work.
  • Ensure organisational insurance policies are appropriate and are renewed annually. 
  • Stay up to date with HMRC’s latest guidance for small businesses and ensure Radar and it’s staff are compliant. 
  • Manage Companies House account (changes of address, filing of annual confirmation statements for OOR Ltd. and our dormant company as well.
  • Organise the google suite accounts and ensure permissions are correct throughout the drive. Organise the drive when it begins to get messy.
  • Scout new office locations when required.
  • Purchase supplies for the office when required (printer ink, soap, sponges, coffee, etc).
  • Fix office appliances when required (printer, etc).
  • Organise office celebrations when required.
  • Actively look for improvements that can be made to the internal functions of OOR.


  • Arrange all project logistics including but not limited to:
    • Travel health support including vaccinations
    • Support on securing visas where required
    • Withdraw trip cash for upcoming travel
    • Book project domestic & international travel
    • Review our travel checklist with traveling individuals to ensure they are considering all of the upcoming pre-travel activities. 

Your Strengths

As a leader, you will be expected to be collaborative as well as open and honest in all that you do. In addition, the ideal candidate will have:

  • An eye for detail and a strong commitment to methodical, organised, efficient and effective work; 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills to build effective relationships across the business and the wider sectors in which we work;
  • Some knowledge of the development, aid and humanitarian sectors and/or media and journalism, and specifically organisational operations and finance within those sectors; 
  • Experience managing finance for donor funded projects;
  • Demonstrated capacity and prior experience in managing the personnel, administrative and logistical functions of programs and projects;
  • Demonstrated strong analytical and leadership skills;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to lead and work effectively in team situations;
  • Proven ability to prepare budgets and donor financial reports;
  • Demonstrated capacity and prior experience in developing financial skills of colleagues;
  • A strong commitment to our mission and values and a belief in the importance of our work;
  • A degree in finance, or other relevant field required. A professional qualification in Accounting is desired;
  • A minimum of 7 years’ work experience
Region: London and the southeast
Location: London, UK
Sector: Finance Human resources Management Safeguarding

Application notes

We are accepting rolling applications with a closing date of 16th April. Please send your CV and a one page cover letter to to [email protected]. We actively welcome applications from those who have personal experience of marginalisation. We also take a neurodivergent friendly approach to hiring so please let us know if you have a preferred method of applying beyond the submission of a CV and cover letter: we can be flexible and responsive to varying needs, preferences and abilities, and will treat any information you share with us with complete confidence.

All our staff are expected to abide by a code of conduct and a strict safeguarding policy.

Please mention Bond when you apply for this position.