Community Leader L'Arche Mymensingh in Bangladesh

L'Arche International
€1,000 - €1,600
The monthly salary is based on the contractual agreement between the job holder and L'Arche International who acts as a sending organization. International applicants will receive either a contractor-based contract or the French status of VSI (volontariat solidarité international) which provides the legal framework including health insurance provided the candidate has basic French in order to follow the induction with our partner organization La DCC. Additionally L'Arche International provides accomodation.
Closing date: 30 September 2021
Job Type: Paid
Location: Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Ensure transitional leadership to a locally enrooted and internationally connected community of people with and without intellectual disabilities. Build capacity and change the way Bangladeshi society views people with an intellectual disability!

L’Arche is a worldwide organization of 154 communities where people with and without learning disabilities share life together and contribute to a more human society.

L’Arche International federates all 38 L’Arche member countries on 5 continents and serves as a convener of unity for our common mission.

L’Arche Mymensingh

L’Arche Mymensingh in Bangladesh is an interfaith community with members from Muslim, Hindu and Christian tradition with the common aim to care for the members with a learning disability who have often experienced stigma and marginalization.

The community is profoundly inspirational, demonstrating extraordinary commitment, beautiful   talents and remarkable depth of relationships. One expression of their mission is to provide weekly home visits to families caring for children with a disability.

The community has 3 homes and 1 workshop where they produce and sell candles, embroidery and other products. They work hard to generate income through their work and fundraising activities both through the local and international network.

L’Arche Mymensingh is entering into a major transition phase with the current community leader leaving in December and two long-term staff member who provide acting-leadership on a short-term basis. The local board has requested L’Arche International to appoint an international Community Leader for a 2 years’ period with the objective to build capacity in local staff member and to hand-over leadership to a local community leader yet to be recruited in the coming 2 years.

The Community Leader will be supported in his/her role by local staff and by one or two international staff member in the area of finance, administration and workshop activities as well as training local staff member in care and support based on our universal L’Arche values.

The Community Leader will provide leadership to navigate the community through the transition period and to prepare the ground for a future local community leader. S/he will oversee the daily functioning of the community activities and will be supported by program leaders.

The Community Leader will report to the local board chair and to the International Envoy for Bangladesh. L’Arche International provides the legal framework and funding for this role. We are open to receiving candidatures from single persons or married couples with intercultural and interfaith experience and a thirst for embracing the beautiful culture of Bangladesh.

Main responsibilities

  1. Ensure a smooth functioning of all community activities and programs in close collaboration with the leadership team, international support people and the local board
  2. To ensure and develop the quality of care and welfare of the members with a disability
  3. To provide formation, training and orientation for existing and future leaders and Assistants
  4. To consolidate and strengthen the community life and its interreligious dimension
  5. To develop the financial capacity of the community including fundraising and external networks

Requirements of the Role

  • Reports to the Board Chair of L’Arche Mymensingh and the International Envoy
  • Work in close collaboration with International support people
  • An interest for the Bangladeshi culture and language
  • Live in close proximity to the community with the possibility of several home visits per year

Expected Qualities and competencies for the role

  • Commitment to the mission and values of L’Arche
  • Active spiritual life
  • Demonstrated Leadership qualities
  • Cultural competence: the ability to understand, communicate and effectively interact with people across cultures
  • Patience and openness to reflection, learning and growth
  • Ability to collaborate with others on all levels
  • Excellent level of English, both written and oral
  • Ability to create unity and to respect difference and diversity in a multi-ethnic and interfaith setting
  • Ability to transmit values and good-practices in the area of caregiving
Region: Rest of the world
Location: Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Sector: Fundraising Human resources Leadership Management Safeguarding Training

Application notes

Taking into account this mission, and the desired profile of the candidate, you are invited to apply by sending us your motivation letter and CV/Resume in English or French including references to Tobias Gerken, [email protected]  

Please mention Bond when you apply for this position.