Islamic Relief UK won the Innovation Award for their ALO project.

Innovation Award

The Innovation Award showcases organisations, coalitions or initiatives that are taking inventive approaches as they navigate a complex and changing external environment.

Organisations need to innovate to survive in a world shaped by shifting geographic powers, climate change, demographic changes, urbanisation and technological advances.

The winner

We were looking for innovators who embrace rapid change and are driven by the desire to make a lasting contribution to development. The winner was announced at the awards ceremony on 18 March 2019.

Islamic Relief - ALO
This project supports orphans and their guardians to establish sustainable livelihoods, combining cash transfers with knowledge and skills building.

The finalists

We received some great submissions from around the world and our judges chose the two projects below as finalists.

The Salvation Army - Reintroducing edible caterpillars
This project based in the DRC aims to reintroduce edible insects, a traditional food in the region but one devastated by deforestation, into the local habitat.

United Purpose - Carbon for Good
Carbon for Good asks organisations to offset their carbon emissions by investing in carbon-reducing projects.

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