Vision for a Nation Foundation won the Innovation Award

Innovation Award

The Innovation Award showcases organisations, coalitions or initiatives that are taking inventive approaches as they navigate a complex and changing external environment.

Organisations need to innovate to survive in a world shaped by shifting geographic powers, climate change, demographic changes, urbanisation and technological advances.

“Winning a Bond Innovation Award was a fantastic endorsement of all that we have achieved with our partners in Rwanda. It helped us to raise the profile of the organisation as we scale our innovative work to other countries around the world.”

   - Vision for a Nation, Innovation Award winner 2018

Are you innovating?

We're looking for innovators who embrace rapid change and are driven by the desire to make a lasting contribution to development. You may have:

  • adopted new types of business models
  • purposed or repurposed your missions in ways that shake up understanding of how to make a positive difference
  • redefined how you work with the people or environments you serve
  • used technology in new ways
  • found new approaches to solving entrenched problems that affect people's lives
  • sought to shift entire systems rather than cure symptoms.

Judging criteria

Your video and accompanying entry form will be judged on the following criteria:

  • The narrative - how compellingly you tell the project's story
  • The currency - how you interpret and respond to current global challenges
  • The reach - who and how many people were reached and how you measured this
  • The impact - what is the likelihood of impact and sustainability
  • The innovation - how innovative, fresh, exciting and different

All of the points above must be addressed in your video entry. We will not accept any marketing videos that do not address the above.

How to enter

Deadline for entries: 5pm on Friday 12 October 2018. There are two parts to the application.

  1. Submit a short video (maximum one and a half minutes in .avi or .mp4 format). Click here to see our guidance on what the video should include - the video can be simple and you will not be judged on the production values. Please email this to awards@bond.org.uk by the deadline.
  2. Complete the accompanying entry submission form. Here you can provide further information about the entry and explain why you think you should win.

The video does not need to be sent at the same time as the form, but both parts of the application need to have been received by the deadline. Your entry will not be considered if we do not have both parts of the application.

Please note: you have to be a Bond member to enter. Please read the terms and conditions before entering.

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Last year's winner and finalists

The judges selected three innovative projects as the finalists, with the winner announced at the awards ceremony on 26 February 2018.

Winner: Vision for a Nation Foundation - Eye Care for Rwanda 
This collaboration with Rwanda’s Ministry of Health integrated nationwide “primary eye care” services into Rwanda’s public health system.

Finalist: Integrity Action - Sindhupalcheck
Sindhupalcheck harnesses technology and citizen feedback to provide insight into the effectiveness of the construction of earthquake resilient homes in Sindhupalchowk district, Nepal.


Finalist: Pump Aid - A better way to end water poverty in Malawi
This project piloted a self-supply approach to see if it could improve reliability of water supplies, giving 21,614 individuals access to safe water.

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