Othman Moqbel, Human Appeal

Human Appeal's press and public affairs officer, Charles Lawley nominated Othman Moqbel for the Humanitarian Award. Here he explains the reasons why...

Othman Moqbel is a much-admired figure in the British-Muslim community.

A strong advocate of the difference that Muslim charitable giving can make in the UK, Othman has dedicated the past two decades to humanitarianism, fostering inter-faith understanding and increasing Muslim charitable giving in the UK. Othman is a shining example of how the work of the Muslim community benefits the UK. He is currently chief executive of Human Appeal, a Manchester-based international NGO.

Othman Moqbel on the back of a truck

In addition to phenomenally increasing Human Appeal’s income, Othman has increased our efficacy

Othman joined Human Appeal in 2010. Since then, he has increased the charity’s annual income from £3.8 million to £30 million. The majority of the charity’s income is from the UK’s Muslim community. Human Appeal has been in operation for 25 years, delivering life-saving international aid in times of crisis, sponsoring thousands of orphans worldwide, and developing sustainable livelihood programmes for impoverished communities in 25 countries around the world. Human Appeal also works with communities in the UK, supporting regional initiatives to help people in poverty, as well as being a Platinum partner of Mosaic – supporting a national mentoring programme for primary school children.

In addition to phenomenally increasing Human Appeal’s income, Othman has increased our efficacy. We have become a specialist in food distribution in Northern Syria. Since the onset of the Syria crisis, Human Appeal has established bases in Syria and on the Turkish border, despite critical security conditions, and have been appointed by the UN’s World Food Programme to deliver food parcels in the area. In 2015, Human Appeal supported over four million internally displaced people (IDPs) in Syria delivering food, shelter, non-food items and winterisation support, as well as water sanitation and hygiene, health and education projects inside Syria.

In recognition of Human Appeal’s efficacy, Othman has been invited to advise the UN on a number of humanitarian issues. He was on the steering group which shaped the UN’s World Humanitarian Summit which took place in Turkey this year. At the Summit he was invited to speak on the issues related to large movements of refugees in Syria, Gaza and Yemen. This recognition demonstrates the valuable work Othman is doing in the humanitarian sector, and his role as an ambassador for Muslims in the UK.

The Humanitarian Award is part of the International Bond Development Awards 2017. See the full list of nominees.