IATI community of practice

This is a subgroup of Transparency

Discuss and develop solutions for common IATI challenges

This IATI community of practice aims to support staff from civil society organisations to actively discuss and develop solutions for the common IATI challenges that our organisations face. The group encourages and expects active participation by:

  • Participant-led challenge discussions
  • Focusing on finding, sharing and testing solutions
  • Developing new knowledge
  • Developing, validating, documenting and disseminating best practice 
  • Focusing on emerging areas of knowledge
  • Influencing policy development, including DFID and other funders

We welcome people who are:

  • working for a civil society organisation
  • actively working to support their organisation to use IATI as part of their job role
  • keeping up to date with changes around IATI practice or are keen to engage
  • comfortable with working in a collaborative way and open to sharing their experience

To join click on the Join button and explain:

  1. Your experience of supporting your organisation with IATI data publishing
  2. What you would like to achieve from being a member of this group