Small NGOs

Get support and develop links with small NGOs to improve your knowledge and practice

Small NGOs make up about half of Bond's total membership and have particular needs because they often operate on very limited budgets with minimal resources. This dedicated online space provides an opportunity to develop links within the small NGO network, and to share ideas, resources and good practice. It is also a space for small NGOs to provide peer support.

This group is intended as a resource for small NGOs only, and reflects the particular challenges that they face. “Small” in the context of this group is broadly defined as having an income less than £2 million, although it is recognised that there will be exceptions to this in particular circumstances. If you are a larger organisation, please explore our other groups to find the resources and support appropriate to your context.

Covid-19 Update: This group is sharing experiences and concerns around the instability and difficult decisions they face as organisations with already limited capacity.