Monitoring, evaluation and learning

Share learning and experience to help improve the practice of MEL

This group is open to all Bond members, with a particular emphasis on staff working in programme or advocacy management or specifically on monitoring, evaluation and learning. The aim is to share learning and experience among Bond members to help improve practice on MEL. The group will be the main forum through which Bond will discuss and develop its work on Effectiveness. The group will meet periodically in person, and will develop an agenda based on issues identified by members. Possible issues for the group will include common challenges and examples of solutions in relation to:

  • measuring outcomes with rigorous but proportional methods; 
  • measuring and reporting on value-for-money; 
  • including beneficiary voice in MEL;
  • creating the right organisational incentives to promote learning, reflection and adaptation in programming;
  • promoting supportive donor policies and practice in relation to MEL requirements;
  • MEL practices in small NGOs;
  • monitoring and evaluation of advocacy.