Feedback and accountability

Share lessons, debate and critically engage with systems for listening and responding to feedback from community members

The Feedback and Accountability Learning Group is a platform for discussion and sharing lessons from organisations with experience in gathering, analysing and responding to feedback from community members.

Feedback from the people we work with is fundamental for rights-based programming and accountable aid practice. It is the means by which people exercise their right to assess the relevance, quality and effectiveness of development and humanitarian interventions. Through feedback mechanisms, constituents have the opportunity to inform, influence, comment on design and critique projects and services that impact them. They also offer platforms for programme improvement and sector strengthening, with the potential to be conducted in rapid and adaptive ways that drive the contextual relevance of aid programming. Good feedback mechanisms can strengthen safeguarding and project management, providing vital information towards monitoring, evaluation and learning. 

This group will examine the added value of specific initiatives and processes that drive quality and accountability to communities. It will equally serve as a collective body to engage funders and other key stakeholders in discussing the future of feedback mechanisms and the creation of an enabling environment in which it can drive increased quality, accountability, adaptability and rights-based programming.