Faith campaign

Join campaigners from faith-based organisations and faith communities to look at the links between faith and international development.

The positive collaboration, strong grassroots activism and resources shared by the IF campaign faith working group during the life of the IF campaign opened the way for a more formal working group to ensure that the role of faith-based NGOs in campaigning is recognised and strengthened.

This group is established as a collective initiative from CAFOD, Christian Aid, Islamic Relief, MADE in Europe, Methodist Relief and Development Fund, Progressio, Tearfund and World Jewish Relief.

Purpose of the group

  • Look at upcoming political opportunities and campaign moments where faith communities can act together for greater impact
  • Share learning within the group in the form of presentations, talks and examples of best practise on campaigning, and engagement of faith communities
  • Inform the sector about the role of faith communities in international development
  • Act as a forum to advise organisations, groups or coalitions seeking to engage faith communities, in particular fellow Bond groups
  • Resource faith leaders and faith communities with training, resources and support they need to become more confident campaigners
  • Bring better understanding of beneficiaries and the role of faith in their life
  • Identify where there is a need to bring faith into the public space through positive campaigning.