Decent work and jobs

Share learning and take joint advocacy to drive the decent work and jobs agenda in development

Policymakers, donors, trade unions and civil society will need to develop strategies specifically targeted at removing the barriers that prevent people from enjoying the benefits of growth through access to decent work, so that  they can lead dignified and fulfilling lives. Our work will particularly focus on women, youth and specifically marginalised groups because they are the most likely to be either unemployed or in insecure/precarious work.

The group is an initiative of NGOs working with vulnerable communities around the world to open up new decent work opportunities and to bring existing jobs to meet the ILO’s standards of decent work, both in formal and informal sectors. Goal 8 of the SDG agenda calls for the promotion of sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work.

We look at inclusive growth from an employment creation angle/decent work lens to challenge the widespread belief that “any job is better than no job” and instead ensure that every job is decent. We share learning, best practice, but also to undertake joint policy and advocacy initiatives where appropriate. Our work will be guided by the ILO decent work agenda’s four pillars