Conflict policy

Analyse, debate and share experiences of UK policy on conflict and security

Building peace  and preventing violence is vital to effective development and humanitarian policy. The UK and some other donors are increasingly working to integrate development, foreign and defence policy in efforts to address conflict overseas. This has the potential to bring significant benefits if effectively used to promote peace, but also brings risks.

The UK Government, for example, has committed to spending 50% of DFID's budget in conflict-affected and fragile states. The 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review and Aid Review committed to putting international development at the heart of UK national security and foreign policy, but also repositioned aid towards the UK national interest.

The Conflict Policy Group exists to provide a forum for discussion within and between the peacebuilding, development and humanitarian communities. It aims to promote best practice on what works to address conflict and fragility and work effectively in fragile contexts.

The group's current priorities include conflict sensitivity, UK security and conflict policy, counter-terrorism including proscription, and peace in the Sustainable Development Goals. The CPG is closely affiliated with the Bond Humanitarian Group and also works closely with Gender Action for Peace and Security (GAPS) on women, peace and security issues.