Caste and development

Discuss and collaborate on advocacy, awareness-raising and capacity building to overcome barriers of caste in development

This group recognises that caste is a root cause of poverty, a barrier to development and a violation of human rights globally. Its primary aim is to promote appropriate responses. The focus of the group is on caste but its scope extends to similar forms of work and descent-based discrimination and their intersectionality with gender norms and other causes of poverty and inequality. Its aims and activities are:

  1. raising awareness of the development and human rights impacts of caste and the need for effective responses among the development community
  2. building capacities of Bond members to analyse and address caste in their programmes and operations by serving as a forum for exchange and dissemination of evidence and learning
  3. planning joint advocacy when appropriate in the UK and internationally, for the passage and implementation of policies and frameworks for the recognition and eradication of caste, and for appropriate/proportionate funding and donor responses.

Terms of Reference for the group can be found here.