Aid effectiveness

Learn and become involved in issues around the aid effectiveness agenda in the UK and globally.

Our work on aid effectiveness focuses on shaping the quantity and quality of UK aid, as well as monitoring global processes around international aid and development. Through our work transitioning from looking at the wide lens of development finance, we hope this space will allow members to understand the unique links between global financial development chains and the unique role that aid could and should play.

This hub is a space to share intel, insight, relevant research and opportunities for influence with other Bond members, to drive up the standards of aid spending in the UK and globally. Through advocacy actions, we will hold the UK Government to account on how effective UK aid is in reducing global poverty – working with colleagues across transparency, programming, and financing to understand where we can push for better.

Members should join if they have an interest in the latest trends in aid financing, how UK aid policies are shaped, delivered and evaluated and ways of engaging with the Government or relevant decision makers on these areas. We are in the process of developing the hub. To know more, please get in touch with Abigael Baldoumas.