People in Dhaka, Bangladesh from above

How the first Humanitarian Impact Bond will transform financing of aid

ICRC's new way of financing humanitarian work has the potential to modernise the existing funding mechanisms and test new ways of supporting people in need.


To help NGOs adapt to increasing funding pressures and complexities, we offer resources and support on securing sustainable funding, including guide to open grant funding and our reguarly updated upcoming funding opportunities page.  

You can also find out more about value for money, payment by resultsEC funding and cost recovery.

News and views

People fundraising in the UK before Covi-19
12 May 2020
As traditional fundraising events and activities are cancelled, here are some ideas to change how your charity raises money from the UK public.
Abigail Smith, a volunteer from Covid Relief Bangkok
8 April 2020
With millions in low and middle-income countries facing devastation from the coronavirus pandemic, we outline what is needed for an effective global response to combat the crisis.
Oxfam, Byres Road, Coronavirus sign
8 April 2020
With NGOs scaling back programmes and cutting back staff, our recent survey shows organisations need grant flexibility to survive beyond the next three months.