Blue Water Shipping

Blue Water Shipping

Whittle Room, Stand 43

Blue Water Shipping assists in the Aid & Development Logistics projects along with the many humanitarian aid organizations and their partners to improving and saving lives wherever needed.  We go the extra mile when handling and planning the transports to ensure a successful project no matter the size of cargo or destination, by bringing pro-activity and the best options and services on the table. Inland deliveries to remote locations and local clearance are often parts of the job.

Fast, precise and timely arranged quotations, updates, status reports and POD´s ( Proof of deliveries) are always important to our clients and partners. And we know this!

With more than 1400 expert employees from over 65 offices worldwide, and a comprehensive network of partners and agents, makes us flexible in creating the best tailor-made solution to any challenge. We work for NGOs, governmental organisations, the UN, charity foundations and all their partners, all over Africa, Central America, South America, Asia, Middle East and the Pacific islands. 

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