The UK 2021 G7: Civil Society priorities

This event is a chance to discuss civil societies' priorities and provisional recommendations for the upcoming G7 summit.

In 2021, the UK is scheduled to host the G7 Summit. While the government’s priorities are still to be finalised, they will likely include health, open societies, economic recovery, climate & environmental action, girl’s education and food security and nutrition. These topics are of great relevance to Bond members and the wider INGO sector.  

Bond has been appointed as the ‘Civil Society 7’ lead, with responsibility to engage and coordinate civil society throughout the G7 process. For the past few months, we have been convening members to agree our own priorities for the Summit, in collaboration with other UK and international partners. 

In this meeting, we will kickstart a process, to continue until next year, for creating a set of targeted and impactful recommendations on each of the main priorities, that can be used to advocate for a progressive G7 platform.

In this event you will have a chance to:

  • receive a brief update on the G7 process, plus a state of play from partner networks.
  • discuss the key issues and priorities for each priority theme
  • co-create a draft proposal for Bond’s G7 recommendations (which will be further refined and developed in the coming months).

This event has limited capacity, so please register your interest to attend and we confirm places ahead of the event.


This event will take place on Thursday 12 November at 14:00 UK time, and will run for 2 hours.