Photo: Peter Caton/Mercy Corps

State of the World's Emergencies report launch

6.30-8pm on 18 October

Speakers from parliament and frontline workers from some of the world’s most challenging environments will provide insight into the world’s most complex and protracted emergencies.

Written by a variety of humanitarian organisations from Bond’s Humanitarian and Conflict Policy groups, the briefing will provide members of parliament with recommendations to ensure the UK most effectively delivers on its moral and political responsibilities as a key actor on the global stage. It highlights key issues across humanitarian crisis and conflict settings, followed by short summaries of ten countries’ specific emergencies.

MPs and Bond members will be prioritised as there is limited space at this event. Please register your interest and we’ll be in touch a week before to confirm your place.


  • Tamsyn Barton, chief executive, Bond
  • Roberta Blackman-Woods, MP for City of Durham
  • Dr Malec Nedam Al Deem, medical manager, Syria Relief
  • Ali Eltayeb, country director - Sudan, Mercy Corps

Event dates

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Registration closed places remaining


CPA Room
Palace of Westminster, House of Commons
United Kingdom