Staff wellbeing in remote and humanitarian contexts

A webinar on how to support staff during these uncertain times.

Find out how you can better support your staff's wellbeing and mental health.

You'll find out how organisations are supporting their staff and hear case studies of what initiatives and practices have worked well, and what lessons have been learned.

The webinar will cover:

  • moving from crisis management to adapting to new remote ways of working 
  • how to take "people-centred" approaches, rather than just thinking of "employees", in remote environment
  • ideas to embed wellbeing and people-centred initiatives in your organisation
  • how to support staff working in humanitarian roles and contexts overseas 
  • how your organisational cultural may have to change to promote wellbeing and adapt to "the new normal"

This session is run in partnership with Cigna who support NGOs with healthcare and wellbeing.



This session will run on Friday 4 December from 10:00 - 12:00 UK time with a break.




Senior HR director at Cigna

Jody Gunn-Russell is the HR adviser at CAFOD

Healing Solidarity

Mary Ann Clements is a feminist writer, facilitator, activist, coach, consultant and speaker.

Save the Children International

Julia Warrington is the Wellness Advisor: Global Humanitarian Surge Platform at Save the Children International.

International Rescue Committee

Lana Baqaeen is a Staff Care Specialist at the International Rescue Committee (IRC).