Public attitudes to funding Southern CSOs

Southern civil society organisations (CSOs) often face tough opposition in the eyes of the British public. Communicating and advertising their work is essential to guarantee their success for the future.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have been supporting large-scale longitudinal research on public attitudes to development. The consultant for the Aid Attitudes Tracker, Will Tucker, has prepared a briefing paper for donors around what messages work when communicating about Southern CSOs to the UK public. How do we counter negative perceptions of international development in general, and funding Southern CSOs specifically?

There will then be a meeting to present this research, with Comic Relief sharing their perspective.

Please note: this event is for donors of international development and humanitarianism (foundations, philanthropy advisers and other related agencies). We have limited space so may not be able to include everyone who registers their interest.

If you have any questions about this or the Future Funding series that this event is part of, please get in touch with Rose Longhurst:


14:00        Arrival and refreshments

14:30        Welcome and introductions

14:40        Attitudes and engagement with global poverty

15:10        What does this mean for donors seeking to fund southern CSOs directly?

15:30        Group Discussions

16:00        What can we do as a group?

16:15        Final summary and close

16:30        End 



Will Tucker, Consultant on The Aid Attitudes Tracker


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation London Office
62 Buckingham Gate
United Kingdom