People of colour working in international development

A space for BAME people in the NGO sector to hear and discuss Bond's latest data on diversity in leadership positions.


In 2019, Bond collected a comprehensive set of data from its members on the levels of diversity in leadership positions across the international development sector in the UK. This event is for people who identify as black, Asian or minority ethnic (BAME) and work in international development to hear about the data and discuss the findings.  

The meeting will take place at NCVO, London, on Monday 10 February 2020, from 1.45pm–6.00pm.

This will be a space for BAME people working in the sector to network, reflect upon the data, and provide insights and recommendations for funders, boards, senior leadership teams and Bond itself on what needs to be done to strengthen diversity in the sector.  

Please note: the findings from our survey will be shared more widely in due course.


1.45pm to 6.00pm, with lunch and refreshments included. Detailed agenda to follow.


Regent's Wharf, 8 All Saints Street
N1 9RL
United Kingdom