NGO campaigning and GDPR

Bond is convening an event to discuss how next year’s GDPR regulations will affect NGOs’ abilities to engage with supporters, in particular consent refresh. We will be joined by senior consultant Helen McGrath and Practice Director Clare Bennet from Hart Square who will be giving an overview of the changes to regulations and how this will impact NGO interaction with supporters.

We will also have one of our membership organisations who have already done some work on the way GDPR might impact on their campaigning work, sharing their approach. NGOs will get the opportunity to discuss and compare their plans for complying to the GDPR.

Check out Dan Fluskey, from NCVO's blog on GDPR: 5 things for NGOs to consider

This session is for: campaigns and supporter engagement teams


The meeting will run from 10:00 - 12:00.

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8 All Saints Street
N1 9RL
United Kingdom