New fundraising approaches to grow your income

Alternative ways to build your unrestricted income in difficult times. Part of Bond's #Funding4Dev week

As income declines and NGOs face difficult decisions, NGOs need to ask fundamental questions about their operations, structures and finances. This webinar explores what organisations can do to generate unrestricted income by adopting new fundraising approaches. 

In this session, you will hear:

  • How best to react to the reducing amount of unrestricted funding 
  • Innovative ways to boost unrestricted fundraising
  • A case study from Sweden and their alternative methods of generating income
  • How to embrace digital crowdfunding.

This webinar is part of Bond's #Funding4Dev week. 

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This session will run on Thursday 26 November, 11:00 UK time for 60 minutes.

The session will be recorded and made available on our website afterwards.

Booking deadline

Booking will close at 09:00 GMT on the day of the webinar.



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