Multiverse & Bond: Improve diversity in the NGO space through apprenticeships

This webinar explores how apprenticeships have provided an opportunity for NGOs to widen access and reach individuals from diverse backgrounds.

It's no secret that the NGO sector is not the most diverse or representative industry out there. A report by ACEVO in 2018 showed that only 9% of the voluntary sector workforce is from a Black or ethnic minority communities, which decreases significantly in more senior positions.

Join us to explore how apprenticeships are providing an opportunity for NGOs to widen access and reach individuals from diverse backgrounds.

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  • find out how apprenticeships are helping the NGO sector to diversify
  • hear from other international NGOs using apprenticeships
  • hear from Multiverse about how your organisation can get involved and benefit from the programme

This session is run in partnership with Multiverse.



This webinar will run on Monday 15 February at 14:00 - 15:00 UK time.