Getting comfortable talking about racism

A space for CEOs to discuss and learn how to dismantle racism in the INGO sector and become actively anti-racist.


In 2020 Black Lives Matter protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death and sparked a wave of solidarity, with many INGOs making public statements about anti-racism. However, for many people of colour working in our sector, Floyd’s death was not an anomaly. The pain it ignited in people of colour comes from its very familiarity, with the injustices in their lives and experiences. 

For too long, the international development and humanitarian sector has left racism unchecked. INGOs have been reluctant to start a conversation about racism on our doorsteps. This event is an opportunity for CEOs to begin to look inwards and examine the institutional structures that we operate and live in, that perpetuate systemic inequalities and discrimination. 

Addressing racism is even more pertinent in international development, because INGOs exist to serve the most marginalised communities around the world. How can we deliver this mission if our own organisations are places where racism is alive and if our workforces do not reflect those communities? 

Organisations must pivot from the global outcry over Floyd’s death and tokenistic statements of solidarity, towards reforming their own practices and policies. This event is a space for CEOs to come together to reflect amongst peers about how they can more effectively seek to dismantle racism and become actively anti-racist. 

This virtual meeting is an introductory conversation for those who have not attended previously. In this session, we will:

  • discuss white supremacy culture and how it manifests in charities
  • help you identify where you are on your journey of understanding and addressing racism
  • provide a confidential space to discuss how to address racism as a CEO.

In addition beginning in March and April 2021 Bond will also offer the opportunity for CEOs that have attended Getting comfortable talking about racism to join a peer learning cohort designed to help build anti-racist practice.  Click here apply to join a cohort and commit to five peer-learning sessions over the next ten months. 



This session will take place on Wednesday 12 May from 10am - 12pm UK time.



Healing Solidarity

Mary Ann Clements is a feminist writer, facilitator, activist, coach, consultant and speaker.