Gathering insights into the next decade for INGOs

A workshop for Bond members in the South West to identify what international NGOs will need in the next decade and the questions the UK sector needs to answer before 2030.


This is a free workshop to identify what INGOs will need in the next decade, highlighting the key questions that the UK sector needs to answer by 2030 and capturing the innovations that are going to help the sector respond. We will draw on a diverse range of perspectives from members and beyond, exploring what is at risk and what opportunities there are, through a process called Three Horizons.

There are a variety of issues facing the UK international development sector – from the need to shift power to the global south, to the opportunities and risks that technology presents. In 2015, Bond produced ‘Fast Forward: the changing role of UK based INGOs’ a report on how the sector might change and a set of trend cards to help the sector prepare for the future.  Since then, many of the challenges either remain or have intensified.

This workshop is a good opportunity to share your knowledge and insight and to hear the views of others. It is the first workshop in a series of regional opportunities to engage with Bond, NGOs and others working in the sector. 

Please note this event is for Bond and SWIDN NGO members only. If you aren't yet Bond member, contact us at [email protected] to find out more about membership.


10:00 - 12:30

The workshop will discuss:

  • Prioritising trends for the sector
  • A three horizons map that reflects the views of the INGOs
  • The contribution to an overall map for the UK sector

We value your knowledge and opinion. If you, or someone in your organisation is interested in taking part, please book your place below.