Feminist futures: leadership, diversity and women

Join us for a cross-sector event addressing some of the trickiest issues around women in leadership and the wider agenda of diversity and feminist leadership.


The WILD Research Group which includes Bond (Women’s International Leadership Development), is in the midst of an action research project to understand ‘Why are there so few women CEOs and Chairs in international NGOs’?’

We are making progress and keen to share our findings so far and learn from cross sector experiences, exploring key questions raised by our shared research agenda with you.

The development sector offers a fascinating platform to explore the issues of feminism in leadership, diversity and inclusion, and we will be asking:

  • What is the feminist future for leadership, diversity and women?
  • How do we use organisational data and evidence to drive action and ensure traction for culture change?
  • What is it that really drives change and enables more women to progress as leaders?

You will hear about the progress made from the WILD Research Group, have a chance to share your success stories and explore your ongoing challenges to drive change.

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This event will run from 10:00 - 16:00, with arrival and coffee from 09:30.


Aga Khan Foundation UK
10 Handyside Street
United Kingdom