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DFID commercial contracting essentials

The funding landscape is changing as grant funding declines and donors channel more and more funds through competitive tenders. Delivered by commercial contracting specialist Haniya Dar-Tobin, this course gives you the tools needed to address this change. 

Find out how your organisation will need to adapt, understand the risks and obligations, and make sure you can distinguish yourself at bid stage. Haniya sits on review boards evaluating commercial contract applications for INGOs so you will benefit from her insight to increase the chances of success from your first application.

Who is it for?

People who are new to commercial contracts or considering applying for commercial funding with DFID, or those who have some experience as a sub-contractor or an unsuccessful prime contractor in the past and are looking to take a more significant role or lead a project in the future.

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What you will learn

  • How to adapt your organisation to move from grant applications to contract tenders.
  • What the application process involves and the different roles your organisation can take.
  • How to build more effective partnerships by reviewing the risks from different perspectives.
  • Understand what your organisation is committing to and how to anticipate and prevent future challenges.
  • How contracts are presented at the bid stage and the impact this has on the programme design, including budgets and payment by results.


Day 1

  • Grants versus contracts
  • Intelligence gathering
  • DFID's terms and conditions
  • The pre-qualification questionnaire
  • The Invitation to Tender

Day 2

  • Constructing the fee rate
  • Payment by results
  • Partnership
  • Strategy and management
  • Processes and systems


Course prices

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Bond members <£2M annual spend

*10% discount if you book 8 weeks in advance. A further 10% discount if you book together with Winning and delivering DFID commercial contracts. Contact learning@bond.org.uk for a discount code.

Course prices

Band 1


Band 2

Bond members >£2M annual spend

Band 3

Bond members <£2M annual spend

* 10% off if you book 8 weeks in advance; 5% off 3 or more bookings.

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