Challenges of cross-sector partnering

Webinar to launch our report with TPI looking at trends in cross-sector partnering.

Partnering is about organisations working with other agencies to make a bigger impact. Bond and TPI produced a report looking at Trends in cross-sector partnering for INGOs. This webinar will be continuing the conversation, as it brings together speakers from across the sector to share their observations and thoughts on civil society partnerships.

We will also be presenting the research findings from the report and having group discussions around six themes:

  • Localisation and partnering

  • Rapid partnering for sustainable partnerships - What do organisations need to do to partner rapidly for sustainable partnerships? 

  • Civic space and partnering - How will partnering impact civic space?

  • Multi-stakeholder approaches to partnering 

  • Changing funding mechanisms, and the role of INGOs 


This webinar is in partnership with The Partnership Initiative



This webinar took place on Thursday 16 July.




Lucy Morris is an organisational change specialist and principal consultant organisational development at INTRAC.

Degan Ali

Degan Ali has been the executive director of Adeso since 2006

The Partnering Initiative

Ruth is director of research and learning at the The Partnering Initiative.


Catriona Dejean is director of strategy and impact at Tearfund.

Mike Battcock
Department for International Development

Mike Battcock is the civil society team leader, Inclusive Societies Department, at DFID.

Lorna Young Foundation

Hannah Clark is open source farmer radio development manager at the Lorna Young Foundation.