Building successful philanthropic partnerships during and after Covid-19

Webinar on how to build philanthropic partnerships during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

5 Steps to get ready for a real partnership with Philanthropic leaders who are stepping up during the pandemic.

Philanthropic partnerships are an important tool to diversify an organisations funding base and reach the most marginalised communities, who are often overlooked by other donors. But building a working, long term and mutually beneficial partnership needs the right strategy from the start.   

In this webinar, MzN International shows the major stepping stones towards building a working philanthropic partnership scheme and we hear from Robert Thompson, former Senior Vice President at UNICEF in charge of building UNICEF’s Philanthropic Partnership about his experience, views and top tips. 

The webinar is free for Bond members and is especially relevant to CEOs, COOs, and those in funding roles.

This webinar is part of a series we’re running to support NGOs in this time of Covid-19 uncertainty.

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This webinar has taken place and a recording is available on our resource page.


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