Are “agile organisations” faring better during Covid-19?

Webinar on new organisational models as we adapt to more agile ways of working during the Covid-19 crisis.

This webinar will take a look at new organisational models for NGOs, especially as the sector adapts to a more agile way of working during the Covid-19 pandemic. This session features experts from development consultancy firm MzN International

The webinar will cover advantages and disadvantages of agile organisations and:

  • Evolution vs. restructuring
  • Instead of large scale changes, making smaller regular changes
  • Investing in innovation
  • Investing in a more agile organisation

Guest Speaker: CEO of a large non-profit and MzN client who underwent an agile transformation process.

For more information on the benefits of going agile see MzN’s blog post here and about how to change here.

The webinar is free for Bond members and is especially relevant to CEOs, COOs, and those in funding roles.

This webinar is part of a series we’re running to support NGOs in this time of Covid-19 uncertainty.

In partnership with MZN International



This webinar took place on Thursday 30 July. Please visit our resources page to view recordings of our webinars.


MzN International

Managing director at MzN International