5 priorities to build a resilient organisation post-coronavirus

Webinar on how you can take this time to build a better, stronger organisation post-Covid-19.

Get information and guidance on how you can use this time of uncertainty to strengthen your organisation and become more innovative. The webinar will discuss the top five priorities that build resilience and how reimagine NGOs for more impactful delivery.

This session features experts from development consultancy firm MzN International

It will cover the core areas of:

  • How you can become more agile in your organisation 
  • Checking you have the right metrics to measure impact
  • How to keep the passion going in your work
  • How to review your team to get the best out of them
  • Finance and funding for your organisation

The webinar is free for Bond members and is especially relevant to CEOs, COOs and those responsible for organisational strategy and financial planning.

This webinar is part of a series we’re running to support NGOs in this time of Covid-19 uncertainty.

In partnership with MZN International



This webinar has happened, please have a look at bond's future events on the events page and recordings of previous webinars on our resources page. 


MzN International

Non-profit finance consultant at MzN

MzN International

Managing director at MzN International