European Year for Development

In 2015 two UN summits will change the course of international development cooperation. It’s a big year. And Europe has a big role to play.

As part of the European Year for Development (EYD), Bond is campaigning to increase understanding of the progress made in international development, and to inspire Europeans to join the conversation.

A big year


Back in 2000 world leaders came together to commit to a new global partnership to reduce extreme poverty, with eight goals ranging from achieving universal primary education to combatting HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

2015 marked the deadline for reaching the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and a significant transition as the global community came together once again to define an ambitious post-2015 development agenda.

A UN summit in September resulted in a new set of global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to tackle poverty, discrimination and inequality. And a second summit in December set new targets to tackle climate change.

In parallel with this, the European Commission made 2015 the European Year for Development (EYD) – the first time a European year has been dedicated to the EU’s external action and to Europe’s role in the world.

Europe and development

The European Union and its 28 member states are collectively the world’s largest aid donor, providing over €50 billion a year to help overcome poverty and advance global development.

Europeans are broadly supportive of EU development cooperation, with two-thirds agreeing that tackling poverty in developing countries should be one of the European Union’s top priorities. But at the same time, half say they know nothing about where European aid money goes. It’s vital that we do more to explain.

  • We want to raise awareness of Europe's role as a global actor.
  • We want to encourage critical reflection on EU policies.
  • We want to share success stories.

We also want change the way people think about international development. The development landscape has seen the traditional donor-recipient relationship give way to a world of cooperation, mutual responsibility and mutual interest.

We want to move the conversation beyond aid, and show how Europe is working with developing countries to build peaceful and prosperous societies to the benefit of each and every one of us.

What we've been up to

Bond will be launching a series of activities as part of the European Year for Development.
Our overall objective in launching this initiative in the UK is to increase awareness of and engagement in development cooperation amongst citizens.
More specifically we will be looking to:
Increase understanding about progress made on the MDGs and the SDG process going forward
Provide critical reflection on previous and future EU development policies
Provide citizens with options that offer entry points to their direct involvement in development cooperation.
We will draw on our network in all its diversity and work with member organisations to implement a range of activities that help us to build inspiring narratives on development. We will also link up our activities to key events and current campaigns in order to ensure the coherence and collective impact of development in the UK.

Throughout the past year we've been blogging, sharing, meeting and greeting to spread the word about Europe's role in development cooperation.

Drawing on our network in all its diversity and working with member organisations throughout the UK, we have linked up with other campaigns to carry out a range of activities around key moments.

Show your support

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Sustainable Development Goals

Poverty alleviation infographic

"EU aid has saved millions of lives and can contribute to zero poverty by 2030 #EYD2015 #agenda2030 @bondngo"

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Conflict and security infographic

"The EU is the only donor to give support in all fragile and conflict-affected states #EYD2015 #agenda2030 @bondngo"

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Gender equality infographic

"To leave no one behind, we must focus on women and girls #EYD2015 #agenda2030 @bondngo"

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Climate change infographic

"#COP21 was a vital step towards limiting climate change. But there's more to be done #EYD2015 #agenda2030 @bondngo"

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EU aid

EU development cooperation

"EU aid is helping people find decent jobs, support their families and achieve independence."

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EU development cooperation

"We all want to give our children the opportunity of a good education."

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EU development cooperation

"A strong partnership between Europeans and many others around the world made all this possible."

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European Year for Development emblem