Transparency Review

Transparent information about your organisation's finances, activities and results fuels learning, coordination, accountability and trust.

For many development organisations, transparency is a core value or a working principle. In a world of declining public trust, intense media scrutiny and increasing expectations, it may also be an imperative.

About the review

The Transparency Review, developed by Bond and NIDOS in 2014, reviews the types of information openly available via an organisation's website to help them gauge how open they are, learn about how they can be more transparent, and compare their performance in this area with their peers.

The review examines your website to assess the availability, accessibility, timeliness and completeness of four key types of information:

  1. Transparency policy
  2. Organisational information
  3. Governance and finance
  4. Activities and results

Using the review tool, Bond's assessors give organisations a score for each indicator.

The indicators are based on a number of existing transparency and accountability initiatives, and the needs of small and medium-sized organisations were taken into account when creating the assessment.

The review can be commissioned directly from Bond, and is available to both first-time users and organisations who wish to compare their results with a previous review.

Assessment report for learning and comparison

Each organisation that takes part will receive a confidential, bespoke report from Bond's assessors. This will rate the organisation's performance against the indicators and relative to the average scores from the other organisations of a similar size who have taken the Review previously, and will provide detailed recommendations on how to improve your scores.

Participating requires minimal time commitments for your organisation - about two hours to review the comprehensive draft report that we prepare for you, and to send us your feedback. Work undertaken to address recommendations and increase your scores will be at your discretion, but Bond will offer support on this.

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