Trends and innovation

Climate change, demographic change, geopolitical shifts and the diversification of actors will require international NGOs to fundamentally rethink their purpose, their roles, and how they fund their work.

We provide leadership and insights on upcoming trends to help organisations adapt to a constantly challenging and changing environment.

Foresight and innovation news and views

Woman looking out to sea
Conflict, climate change, the rise of new aid actors – the world will be quite different in 15 years’ time. New research suggests how INGOs can remain relevant in the aid sector of the future.
30 August 2017
Aerial highway
Research shows that organisations and leaders who take a long-term view outperform those who don't. What can you do to improve your future-thinking?
24 July 2017
Medical Aid Films video projection
Medical Aid Films share their recommendations for creating an innovative organisational culture.
7 July 2017

Case studies from our innovation library

Coffee Flour

Using coffee pulp waste as a food source

21 billion kilograms of coffee pulp waste is produced every year. Coffee Flour aims to eliminate this problem while at the same time improving economic opportunities in coffee-growing communities.
22 September 2017
Azraq refugee camp

Combining eye scan payments and blockchain to empower refugees

A trial project in Azraq refugee camp lets people use iris recognition devices to purchase food and goods.
4 July 2017
Azraq camp

The solar powered refugee camp

A solar plant in Al Azraq refugee camp in Jordan is helping to improve the lives of the people living there.
16 June 2017

Futures resources

This research aims to develop a better understanding of the income profiles of UK-based INGOs, generate insight into their financial sustainability, and identify any trends associated with growth or decline in income.
26 April 2016
A woman in Nigeria with a Hello Tractor smart tractor
Innovation is critical for organisations wanting to meet the scale of global challenges, increase their impact and stay relevant in a changing context.
19 April 2016
DIY Toolkit NESTA cover
This is a toolkit for inventing, adopting or adapting ideas that can deliver better results. It's quick to use, simple to apply, and designed to help busy people working in development.
5 January 2016
WEF Strategic Foresight webpage
The World Economic Forum online community engages policy-makers and leaders from business and civil society in strategic dialogues to better understand and address complex and long-term challenges.
Straight road and horizon in Iceland
Transformations in the poverty map and new forces on the supply side of development finance are challenging the international development architecture. This paper aims to stimulate debate on the future of this architecture.
1 January 2013
Tomorrow's World report cover
How might megatrends in development affect the future roles of UK-based INGOs? An overview of the factors that are likely to inform how our world changes between now and 2025.
23 February 2015

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