Oxfam GB won the Diversity Award for their trainee scheme.

Diversity Award

The Diversity Award recognises organisations in the UK NGO sector that nurture diverse and inclusive workforces.

Despite the sector’s crucial work in tackling inequalities overseas, the UK charity workforce still faces challenges in unequal pay and diversity. We want to celebrate organisations that are actively seeking to redress these imbalances by employing and developing a diverse, inclusive workforce.

Are you inclusive?

We want to hear from organisations that are putting strategies and initiatives in place that champion diversity and equality, and show true excellence in inclusive employment within your organisation. 

A successful initiative could be one that implements a recruitment policy to attract and recruit people from diverse backgrounds or a programme that nurtures staff from minority groups to advance in their careers.  It could also be a staff network or group that represents a certain minority group and has successfully led to a change in how the organisation operates or a change in its key staff values. From increasing diversity on your board to working with a range of volunteers, your initiative should have created a cultural shift in your organisation to increase awareness of, and show a commitment to, diversity, equality and inclusion. 

Judging criteria

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • The planning of your initiative - what is this initiative trying to change
  • The evidence of your initiative - evidence of improving outcomes and objectives being met
  • The reach – what was the reach of your initiative 
  • The cultural shift - has this initiative created long term changes
  • The long-term implementation of the initiative - how are you ensuring the initiative will be sustainable

How to enter

Deadline for entries: 5pm on Friday 25 October 2019. There are two parts to the application.

  1. Submit three images including their titles and locations.  Click here to see our guidance on what the images should include - they can be simple and you will not be judged on the production values. Please email these to [email protected] by the deadline.
  2. Complete the accompanying entry submission form. Here you can provide further information about the entry and explain why you think you should win.

The images does not need to be sent at the same time as the form, but both parts of the application need to have been received by the deadline. Your entry will not be considered if we do not have both parts of the application.

Please note: you have to be a Bond member to enter. Please read the terms and conditions before entering.

Complete entry form

Last year's winner

The winner was announced at the awards ceremony on 18 March 2019.

Winner: Oxfam GB - Trainee scheme
The paid Trainee Scheme recruits people from diverse backgrounds and serves as an entry route into the sector.

Finalist: Christian Aid - CASENET
Christian Aid's Sexuality Networks creates a space for staff to engage with issues of sexuality and gender identity, and how they intersect with development and faith.

Finalist: VSO - Social inclusion and gender training
VSO runs social inclusion and gender training for all staff and volunteers, in parallel with detailed social exclusion and gender analysis in VSO's programmes.


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