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Strategic Organisational Ethics (S.O.E)

Outstanding organisational ethics can improve an organisation's ability not only to survive but thrive. Not just by being good but being effective in the situation you work in too.

All too frequently organisations know relatively little about how ethical they are, what the causes are, how effective their policies have been and which policies may be most effective in the future.

What is less often not known is that there is a substantial body of evidence on the attributes an ethical organisation has, and it is on this that we focus.

S.O.E. draws on substantial international experience in both organisational ethics and anti-corruption in the public and private sector in developing and transition countries and offers:

  • Data gathering
  • Analysis
  • Guidance
  • Capacity building

Areas of work

  • Accountability / Transparency
  • Consultancy
  • Course learning materials & design
  • Development Education
  • Governance / Institutional Strengthening
  • Training
  • Development
  • Data Collection and Analysis