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SGS offers a range of independent third-party services to support development agencies and NGOs to optimize performance and achieve greater visibility, efficiency and accountability.

The SGS Aid Efficiency Services team operate services across the aid chain, for and on behalf of donor and beneficiary Governments, Development Agencies, Public Institutions, Foundations, NGOs and grassroots organizations.  

We leverage our reputation and local inspectors’ presence to undertake quality assurance and assure integrity of goods and supplies from factory to last mile. We strengthen the integrity of public procurement, help build capacity in developing countries, and monitor compliance levels.

We believe accountability is not a goal; it is a process of continuous development. We can assist in developing quality standards and hold responsible parties to account.  We can audit against our own NGO benchmark standard that was specially developed for the not for profit sector and serves as a truly independent assessment of how well the NGO is performing against a consolidation of best practices, and identify what needs to be improved.  

To donors and private Foundations we develop customized quality assurance to mitigate their risk, uphold standards of integrity and help safeguard their reputation and the reputation of the not for profit sector. 

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